A group of people kayaking on the blue archipelago sea
It is important to us that our services are produced responsibly and with respect for nature. We want the beautiful nature of the Archipelago Sea to be preserved for future generations. Nature is our most important partner and without nature there would not be Paddling Academy.

At Paddling Academy we are committed to developing sustainable nature tourism and we take responsibility into account in our everyday life and in all our activities. From 2023 we are participating in the Green Activities certificate programme and the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) programme. We are also a partner of National Park Nature Services and the Archipelago Sea Biosphere Reserve. You can trust that the services of the Paddling Academy are produced in a responsible and environmentally friendly way.

The impact of our activities on the environment

The nature of the archipelago is close to our hearts and we want to take nature's well-being into account in everything we do.

Our promises to You and to nature:

  1. we respect naturea and we are minimising the impact on the environment.
  2. we use renewable energy.
  3. we favour products and services that are produced locally and responsibly.
  4. we recycle waste and help you to recycle too.
  5. We offer zero- and low-emission experiences and services
  6. We are transparent and accountable in our operations.
  7. As we move around the Archipelago Sea, we are very aware of the areas where we camp, where we do our washing up, where we go to the toilet and which areas we don't go to either.
  8. We use the most environmentally friendly means of transport possible when we need to travel.

Principles of sustainable nature tourism

Paddling Academy operates in the Archipelago Sea National Park as a National Parks (Metsähallitus) collaborator and we have been actively involved in developing sustainable nature tourism in the area.

The principles of sustainable nature tourism in the Archipelago Sea National Park are:

  1. We support the preservation of the values of sites and promote their protection
  2. We minimise the burden on the environment
  3. Strengthening local aspects
  4. We promote the well-being and health of the sites
  5. We promote local economic growth and job creation
  6. Together we communicate the values and services of the destination
    (National Park Nature Services Tourism Partnership Programme)

Read more about Metsähallitus' sustainable tourism principles here (Link)

Read more about sustainable nature tourism in protected areas here (Link)

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