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Paddling Academy is the local sea kayaking tour operator in the Archipelago Sea. We operate in the heart of the Archipelago Sea. Most of our tours start from Korpoström Archipelago Centre in Korppoo, where you can also rent sea kayaks. For longer kayaking tours, the starting point is the island of Nötö. With us you can enjoy the enchanting beauty of the Archipelago Sea even on short trips.

There are more islands in the Archipelago Sea than anywhere else in the world. It has been described as the most beautiful archipelago in the world. The landscape varies from wide open expanses, to village landscapes on the larger islands, to windswept rocky coves.
Archipelago Sea Area Biosphere Reserve


Travel directions to Korpoström

Before and after your kayaking tour in Korppoo

Nötö and Aspö

Travel directions to Nötö and Aspö

Nötö and Aspö are located in the middle of the Archipelago Sea National Park, about 20 km south of Nauvo and Korppoo. The islands can be reached by MS Utö connecting ferry. MS Utö departs from Nauvo´s Pärnäs (Pärnäinen). The sea voyage to Nötö takes about two hours, to Aspö half an hour longer and is free of charge.
The ferry Baldur navigating the sea on a beautiful sunny day
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