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Great sea kayaking trips, amazing experiences and quality kayaking training in the heart of the Archipelago Sea National Park.

A beautiful pastel seascape with a kayak in the shore
Welcome to the heart of the Archipelago Sea National Park!
Described as the most beautiful archipelago in the world, it offers great paddling opportunities in an ever-changing landscape of large outcrops, sheltered rocky hills, vibrant island villages and thousands of islands.

Paddling Academy is the local sea kayaking operator in the Archipelago Sea. We live and work in the middle of the Archipelago Sea. Our offices are located on the islands of Nötö and Korpo and we focus on the Saaristomeri National Park area, which allows even short trips to access the stunningly beautiful archipelago. Read more about us here.


A really big thank you for a GREAT kaykak trip. Professionalism 10+. Everything so well planned that you made everything easy for us. A big thank you to ElinMaria for lunch and Gabriel for the catering.

This was a wonderful memory for me. ISO RECOMMENDATION for these trips.


Katja Shadbolt 
Sea kayaking weekend tour

A great kayaking trip on the archipelago sea.
Food for the soul and the mind at its best. Kiitos❤️

Johanna Suominen
Guided kayaking tour

A night camping trip. A great experience.
Gabriel is so charming as a person that it makes the experience all his own. We could not have wished for anything more. (Well okay, more time to float in this bubble, so next year I'll book a whole weekend for this ❤️) My heart is truly moved. A wonderful experience!

Tii-Anna Vanhanen 
Overnight kayaking trip

Last summer, I went on a weekend trip.

A warm recommendation.

Wonderful places, safe route and a peek at the outdoors ❤️

Pirjo Laaksonen
Sea kayaking weekend tour

I recommend! Great island Nötö and the kayak guide.

Ulla Eerikäinen
Guided kayaking tour

What a great sunny weekend behind us! Kayak Tour in calm weather, small waves and some bigger waves. Paddling in incredibly clear water. What a great start to a holiday! Thank you Moving Heart!

Katja Laine  
Sea kayaking weekend tour

A couple of days of very different landscapes, emotions, winds and conditions and a night on a desert island. Gabriel guided our group with his diamond-like professionalism and sunny attitude to enjoy the relaxing bays and also to challenge themselves safely. I can warmly recommend indulging in the seduction of the Heart Stream!

Hanna Vihava
Sea kayaking weekend tour

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